About Us

Atm Dollar is the flagship brand of Nobel Inc FZE and it has changed the way digital currencies are exchanged.

ATM Dollar is a global payment solutions provider for seamless and securemoney transfer at low transaction fee. Now payments are at your fingertips as your wallets turns digital.

About us

ATM Dollar is the flagship brand of Nobel Inc FZE and it has changed the way digital currencies are exchanged. This revolutionary technology facilitates easy transfer of funds instantly and securely devoid of any intermediaries. ATM Dollar can transform the way business is transacted and also the way you shop. The new payment solution is sure to give people access to quick and cheaper bank transfers. Traditional international bank transfers can take about a week and this can vary based on the country of transaction. Digital transactions with ATM Dollar are secure and cheap at just 0.005% as transaction charges.

At ATM Dollar we are equipped to deliver a wide range of financial services to help your business grow. We offer unique payment solutions to individuals, companies and groups. Driven by customer satisfaction, our goal is to facilitate money transfers irrespective of location and currencies. Our team of professionals assists in understanding the ever changing payment scenario.

The explosion of mobile technology has changed the way business is transacted. We at ATM Dollar have come up with an app to make your money transactions convenient using touch points. Through our mobile app you can transfer money, shop, deposit or even make an investment from anywhere, anytime. Ecommerce merchants are shunning away international payments as credit card frauds are prevalent. With ATM Dollar transfers can be done instantly and cannot be redone. We eliminates risks and creates a favourable environment for money transaction. We promise an enriched customer experience.

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